Tuk Tuk Curry

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is the sister company of 'The Spice Is Right', another one of our long serving customers. Tuk Tuk aimed to provide Huddersfield with truly authentic traditional style tiffin curries, that not only wowed with flavour, but also with its level of service.

Initial logo design concepts

Tuk Tuk Curry - Logos


To avoid blending in with all the other take-out menus that come through the door, we designed one that would definitely stand out. The menu was die-cut in the shape of the logo, with perforated vouchers as the wheel.

Tuk Tuk Curry - Die-cut Menu

Carry Boxes

We design two sizes of box… one to fit a tiffin meal deal (starter, curry and a side), and the other to fit larger orders. Below is the designs for the large box and the carrier bags for smaller orders and side dishes.

Tuk Tuk Curry - Large Box
Tuk Tuk Curry - Bag

Such is the level of detail Tuk Tuk went to, they even had custom designed lids produced for their tiffins.

Tuk Tuk Curry - Lids Tuk Tuk Curry - Meal Deal

Due to popular demand Tuk Tuk wanted to branch out into the frozen “ready meal“ sector

Tuk Tuk Curry - Frozen Ready Meal