09 July 2018

What is a search engine friendly website?

Every online business wants to be successful; the key to this is to be found in search engine results. As website designers we take a few steps to make sure your website is as optimised as possible.

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What is a search engine friendly website?

Since the World Wide Web was invented in 1990 and the first search engine in the same year called Archie Search SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation has played a large part in online business. As you can imagine SEO marketing has changed drastically in 28 years. Can you imagine a world without Google?

Every online business wants to be successful; the key to this is to be found in search engine results. As website designers we take a few steps to make sure your website is well optimised. (AKA those search engines will find you and rank you as high as possible)

Here are a few things we do to help our clients website reach for higher search engine rankings.

Responsive design

Responsive website design

At Sync’d Design we specialise in custom built, responsive bespoke websites. A responsive site will actually change shape when you narrow your browser window on a desktop, that is the easiest way to spot a responsive website. Sometimes known as RWD, these are websites designed to offer an optimal viewing experience for different displays and screen sizes. This keeps control of the website look and style across multiple devices while making it easy to read and navigate. The idea is to build the site so that on smaller devices there is minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Mobile browsing has now overtaken desktop computers in choice, which is why Google now favour websites that are optimised for people using mobile and smartphone devices. This means with one of our websites you are already one step ahead of the competition.

Fast Page Speed

Fast Page Speed

Sounds simple? When building a website adding files, videos and pictures all increase a page load speed. Making sure the page speed is as fast as possible is key as a website designer. A faster loading site is favoured in search engine results.

We have all been on a website that takes ages to load, the longer a website takes to load the less likely a user is to view its content and even less likely they are to return. Google views a slow loading website as poor user experience and as a direct result punishes the site in their search engine ranking results.


Less Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can seriously harm your rankings. Duplicate content refers to similar, or the same content on several web pages. It can harm your search engine rank result for several reasons. For example, it can confuse search engines and affect how many links you have. (which is key for higher Google rank)

Another way your website may produce duplicate content is due to poor web development or the fact that some website design agencies build a website for desktop and a website for mobile. This is old practise and is less common these days.

We build one bespoke, responsive site meaning one lot of content rather than two. Having almost 20 years experience in designing, building & maintaining websites we practice excellent web development and SEO techniques making your website safe in our hands.

Site Usability

Site Usability

This means how user friendly a website is. The main goal of a web designer is to make a website that is easy to use. (as well as looking good, obviously) This way someone using the website is more likely to make a sale or interact with the company/product.

A well made responsive web design makes your website much easier for visitors to read and navigate. Google focus on the usability of a website and reward a website by looking at the amount of time spent as an indicator how valuable the site is.

Titles, meta descriptions & tags

Titles, meta descriptions & tags

This goes without saying that we make sure all titles & descriptions are precise, as these appear in search results. It is imperative that it displays a succinct description of what’s on the web page as title tags helps search engines understand what is on the website. Meta descriptions appear in search engine results. They give insight in to what information appears on the webpage itself and are important to entice users to click through.

If you would like more information on anything we have disscussed, or want to know more about our services please get in touch.