15 November 2015

The Language of a Website Designer

Are you thinking of getting a new website? Maybe you are having difficulty understanding some design lingo? Why not have a read of our blog to give you a helping hand in decoding design language!

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The Language of a Website Designer

This stands for Content Management System, we offer this with our websites. It allows our clients to easily update their own website with text and images.


When a website has been designed to be responsive, it means it will adjust depending on the device viewing it. This gives the best possible user experience.


The number of dots per inch which is 72(dpi) on a screen and 300(dpi) or more in print.

Vector images

Vectors can be resized easily. They don’t loose definition as they are made up of shapes and lines rather than pixels.


A minute area of illumination on a display screen, a small part of which an image is composed.

Web safe colours

There are 216 colours that display the same on almost all computers. This means that if you choose one of these colours for a website, anyone viewing it should see it the same.


Arranging type to look visually appealing, for example changing the spacing or height.


Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black (Key) These are the colours used by printers. All print is made up of these colours.


Stands for Red, Green & Blue. These colours make up all colours on screen.


This is the space between a border and the object outside it.


This is the space between a border and the object inside of it.

Crop Marks

These are the lines printed to show the printer where to trim the paper.


This is a printing term, the bleed is excess artwork which allows the printer more space when cutting print. This stops any unwanted bits of white on the final print design.


It stands for Joint, Photographic, Experts, Group. Save files as Jpegs to compress file sizes without loss of image quality.


Or Graphic Interchange Format, used in web design and is sometimes considered a bit old school. It can save animated files.


Or PhotoShop Document. used in Adobe Photoshop, a design programme for manipulating images.


Or Portable, Document, Format. Gives options for different file sizes. Ideal for lowering the file size and sending proofs & emails or sending documents to print without losing quality.


Or Portable Network Graphics. Great for web, can save files with transparencies.