29 April 2014

Very Pinteresting

We have written a series of blogs to help pin your way through Pinterest, find your way through Facebook, trek through Twitter, investigate Instagram and link up with LinkedIn.

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Very Pinteresting

Social media can be a great way to promote your business if used correctly. It takes a great deal of patience to steadily build up likes, and followers. We have written a series of blogs to help pin your way through Pinterest, find your way through Facebook, trek through Twitter, investigate Instagram and link up with LinkedIn.

First in the series, if you haven’t guessed by the title will be the what, who, when & how of Pinterest.


Pinterest was founded in America in 2010. It is a photo & video sharing website that allows users, once they have registered to create a selection of mood boards. After registering you can then pin things online. It’s a great way of creating visual reminders, starting new hobbies, planing a wedding, finding places to visit, seeking out great recipes, buying clothes and sharing recommendations, the list is literally endless!


At the moment the majority of Pinterest users are women. With many companies such Audi, Fossil, Lamborghini, Sony, Microsoft Windows, loads of sports teams, tech brands and news channels men are keen to jump on the band wagon.

By creating an account you can follow other companies, bloggers, magazines, writers, your target audience and celebrities.


Over 2.2 million people are actively using Pinterest daily and over 12 million use Pinterest on a monthly basis. With numbers of Pinterest accounts increasing daily is Pinterest something that could work for you?


Before you start pinning its worth knowing how it works so that you can use it to your advantage.

Pinterest is 99% visual, if you research what your potential customers are pining you will have a better chance at finding something they are interested in. Tell people on your website you have a Pinterest account by adding the icon to your website, you can also do this to images on your site to encourage pins from your site.

Use good quality images to sell your products/services, no matter what the quality of what you are trying to promote, it won’t sell if the images representing them are poor quality. Use Instagram to make your images look good (see more on Instagram in our next blog)

Don’t just use Pinterest to promote your company, share your lifestyle and other things that relate. For example, we mainly design and build websites, on our Pinterest we like to pin nice examples of typography, seo tips, social media and marketing help. We also market ourselves and have boards on our business card design, website design, logo design & graphic design.

Optimising for Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as a search engine similar to google, you can use it to search for almost anything. This makes it really important to optimise your Pins and boards. You can do this by adding key words to board titles and descriptions, using hashtags In the descriptions of your pins. The more followers you have the more likely you sure to appear in search results. Using Pinterest is a good way of driving traffic go your website, you can do this by linking your pins to your website.

Pinterest isn’t for everyone

If your business isn’t visually appealing then it’s highly likely Pinterest isn’t for you, as a general rule if your industry is creative It can work.

If you decide it’s right for you get following, pinning, re-pining and liking

Take a look at our Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/syncddesign/

Good luck!