21 April 2014

Emerging Web Design Trends of 2014

With 2014 well on the way it’s clear to see which trends from 2013 are here to stay and which never made the cut, making way for new emerging trends.

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Emerging Web Design Trends of 2014

Here are a few we try to incorporate in our branding and website designs to make them stand out from the competition.

Responsive design

We mentioned this last year, this trend has seen increasing demand over the last year.

With tablet and mobile web user numbers over taking the desktop user in recent years responsive web design has changed the goal posts in web design for the foreseeable future.

It has replaced the need to create a separate mobile site. Instead us designers can adopt a single website design to optimise itself depending on what device the user is using to view the site. As tablets and mobiles continue to vary in size the demand for a responsive website increases.

See our previous blog to find more details about responsive web design.

Fonts in web design

Gone are the days when designers were restricted to using web safe fonts.

(A web safe font is one that is stored on the computer the web browser is running from) We now use programmes like a Adobes Type kit, which is a subscription service that allows hundreds of fonts to be used on the web allowing designers to use fonts more appropriate and original for both content and design and more aesthetically pleasing.

Fonts in web design

This has a massive impact on web design styling and will defiantly be a trend that continues to appear year after year.

Customised image galleries

Image galleries have been part of web design for many years. With faster browser speeds images are becoming one of the major focuses of web design. Creating a customised image gallery showcases the clients projects/products in their style.

One of the key points to remember when including any photography on your website is to make sure it’s the best it possibly can be. A good image gives your company credibility.

Quick user registration

Many companies request the user sign up, some don’t allow or give limited access to the site until a registration form has been completed.

To stop potential customers being put off a quick user registration with a minimal amount of fields to complete is necessary. This can have a very positive impact on conversion rates. A more detailed registration can be added into the website to gain more information.

Quick user registration

A quick registration can also be completed by signing up with Facebook or Twitter.