11 April 2012

Website optimisation basics

With online marketing becoming more and more popular in order to stay competitive with the competition it is now more important than ever to make sure your website is found by Google and remains as highly ranked as

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Website optimisation basics

No one can guarantee that your website can be listed on the first page on any of the big search engines. With a constant stream of new websites being produced daily it would be a near impossible task.

Many factors can influence a position on a search engine for example; the more competition in a certain field the more companies will be fighting for those important first page positions. As you can imagine there are more clothing retailers on the web than there are garage door companies, so in order to rank higher as a clothing retailer it is a lot more difficult.

Making sure your website has been built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, is one of the most important elements…

Basic Tweaks

Some other things that can help your search engine ranking are:

Text Tricks

Other slightly more technical ways to help your website rank higher on search engines are;

SEO is a large topic with many different views on what works and does not work, this is only a guide on the basics, we hope you have found this usefull.