14 July 2011

Web Design Trends of 2011

With web design forever evolving keeping up to date with current trends is key, these are just a few for starters…

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Web Design Trends of 2011

Keeping it Simple

If what you are selling is worthy a website that is uncluttered, easy to navigate with a colour scheme that retains the sites style and simplicity is a big trend in 2011. With so many different devices able to browse the web a well designed, simple and uncluttered website is the way forward.


In design using the right text is considered one of, if not the most important aspect. The designer is able to inject style and personality into a website by finding the right font. Playing around and being creative with typography is big in 2011.

Large Headers

The header is the most visible part of the website and is a major factor in attracting the attention of the user and making the site memorable. This year big is better.

Mobile Ready

Since the IPhone lauched there has been a massive push towards getting your website available to people on the go. keeping a professional look and maintaining impact at small resolutions is imperitive.