Interface wins Mixology North16 award

Interface wins Mixology North16 award

Mix Award 2016 - Environmental Winner p1

Congratulations to our client Interface for wining a prestigious Mixology North16 award for Environmental & Sustainability.

We worked with them to create this brochure for their entry, Interface design and create carpet tile on a global scale and have been working really hard to transform and lead their industry into a force for climate progress.

By the year 2020 they hope to achieve their goal, Mission Zero - to have no negative impact on the planet. They are the front runners in changing their company and don’t mind sharing their knowledge with any likeminded company.

Already they have managed to reduce the average of their carpets carbon footprint by 50%, reduced their water intake by 87% and reduced green house gas emissions at their manufacturing sites by 92% to name a few.

We are proud to have them as a client and to have helped them get the recognition they deserve for their hard work!

If you are interested in taking a look at their range of carpet or their Mission Zero story take a look here

Mix Award 2016 - Environmental Winner p2 p3 Mix Award 2016 - Environmental Winner p4 p5 Mix Award 2016 - Environmental Winner p6

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Interface wins Mixology North16 award

Congratulations to our client, Interface for winning a prestigious Mixology North16 award for Environmental & Sustainability.

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