Is WordPress really the right choice for you

Is WordPress really the right choice for you

WordPress is currently the most popular publishing platform in the world with over 60 million people choosing to use it! The question is ‘why is it so popular..? The answer is not difficult really … There are so many free templates and pre-made themes on specialist websites, but does that make it the right thing to do?

You probably already know that Wordpress is a blogging platform and without a doubt the best blogging website on the internet. That’s where it should end, it’s a blogging platform for a reason, it was never designed to be a CMS (content management system) or to be utilised for anything other than blogging.

“Hey I’m on a budget so it’s cost effective to use a pre-made template”

but what will really happen is this

“Looking at all these templates… hmm! They look familiar? I know where I’ve seen that before, I was going to buy that one because it looks different and individual…”


Although they’re cost effective, using them will become frustrating because of there inflexibility. Depending on the quality of the template you buy will definitely effect the level of knowledge you’ll need, even basic things like adding your logo isn’t always straightforward for a novice. People think WordPress enables them to build a professional grade website with little to no effort.

A standard comment we hear is: “I spent the last 4 months building my website and it’s still not ready”

Designers and developers using WordPress

Its one thing to give WordPress ago yourself, but do you really want to pay £400 for a ‘designer’ to install a free platform and a £30 template. We’ve had potential clients accept a WordPress proposal with another company, only to discover that it didn’t suit their needs.

Generally Wordpress “developers” that build using WordPress know very little about the coding of websites, it’s very complicated and it’s requires a high skill set. Wordpress developers basically choose a theme, probably picked by thousands of other “developers/designers”. That is the design, they will not want to amend it other than small changes and adding plugins.

WordPress vs Bespoke

Our bespoke CMS is designed for content management from the ground up, its not a blogging tool that can be used for content management. Our customers say that the amount of time it takes to update there sites is slashed when using our CMS.

We’re constantly looking at how to make delivering your content more efficient in order that you can have the fastest possible site. These days that’s really important as Google is using loading time as a ranking indicator - a slow site may not perform as well in search engines.

Wrap up

We’re really not knocking Wordpress, it CAN allow users to develop a website fairly easily with some knowledge of web development. I also agree the price is tempting, most agencies prices coming in around £400, but why settle for a mediocre website with banal designs, security concerns, constant software updates, sluggish load times and plugins that may break compromising the functionality of your site?

To me it seems like a false economy, you may pay less money at the beginning but at the end of the day, issues that may arise from using open source websites may cost you continually throughout the life of the website, which may in due course lead you to invest more money in a bespoke website somewhere in the near future.

Get it right first time and you won’t be disappointed!

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Is WordPress really the right choice for you

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